"Individuals who experience chronic pelvic pain or pain during sex need to work with a treatment team to address the related health issues."


Dr. Teresa Johnson, PhD

Licensed Psychologist (NH 1265), AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

My approach with clients is a collaborative process; my intent is to support my clients as they choose to live in ways that they feel are meaningful and fulfilling. A primary focus of my work is in helping clients explore issues related to the complexities of sexuality. If this support would feel helpful to you, our sessions can be designed to guide you in finding clarity and connection with your authentic self, while developing mindfulness-based skills to address anxiety or self-critical thinking that may arise through your process of transformation.

Those who are seeking guidance with issues regarding emotional and sexual intimacy can find sessions to be a safe place to discuss the challenges and impact on their lives. If you feel disconnected from yourself as a sexual person, find sex to be a complicated issue, or have difficulty experiencing pleasure, you may reduce your stress and find more joy through exploring the meanings of sexuality and developing a healthy self-concept as a component of regaining sexual desire. I can help you recognize the aspects of your life that may contribute to disconnection, assist you in learning more about your own sexuality, and embrace pleasure with yourself and with partners through enhancement of your sexual experiences. If you are currently in a romantic or sexual relationship, psychotherapy can involve inviting your partner to sessions to help you both be invested in improving your sexual intimacy. I follow the language of my clients to provide the most safety I can in discussing sexuality, as this is a difficult topic for many people.

Individuals who experience chronic pelvic pain or pain during sex need to work with a treatment team to address the related health issues. My role on your team of providers is to help you work with pain, manage stress and anxiety, maintain a sense of hope, develop self-compassion, and stay connected to your courage and resilience. I can also work with you to identify and work through the areas of your life that may be impacted as you have been living with chronic pain, such as self-image, quality of life, and dynamics in your intimate relationship.