Testimonial 7

"Our secrets make us sick" is an adage that I try to live by in my quest for living openly and honestly.  In no place have I feared walking through my trepidations more than my sexuality.  I've had low libido my whole life and a host of experiences from childhood through adulthood that have blocked my sexuality awakening.  Working with Colene, Leslie, Cindy and Teresa has been the safe environment I've needed to bring my issues out of the proverbial darkness.  I'm in awe of how holistically they work and they're dedication to my emotional, medical and my "spiritual" well being.  These topics carry great shame for me, but the light and laughter I experience at Inner Balance give me the hope I've longed for "thank you" does not begin, but paying forward my gratitude by sharing my testimony has (I believe the healing power to balance, restore and/or set us free.  Our narrations-the sorrow to the joy-are our biggest assets.  We don't have to go through anything alone. 
With a full heart,
- E.B. 
PS: Leah is an earth angel!

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Tesimonial 6

“I am in love with this place.  I found it by following my Doctor who had left a previous practice. It used to be a pain treatment clinic which as fate has it I used to attend. Well this is a whole different world now.  Everyone is happy, yes even those in pain as I am. The atmosphere is so uplifting that it is contagious. From the time I check in to the time I leave I  know that they genuinely care about me.They have only one objective there and that is to relieve your pain. Their philosophy is that the pelvic area is the center of everything. On my first visit there they measured my pelvic bones. One side was three inches higher than the other. They adjusted it and I have been even ever since. I love the name Inner Balance for I have never known balance on any level.  They also offer everything from meditation to yoga and much much more. I tell you that each person there is ideal. You feel special and that is because they treat you that way.  I have a lot of back problems, and I won't be cured over night but with their help and attention I am hopeful for the first time that I might have a chance to experience a life without constant pain. Leah, Leslie, Colene and Angela are just too wonderful for words.  If you are tired of pain killers and want to feel better I recommend this place of harmony and wellness to all.”


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Testimonial 5

“If you suffer from pelvic pain, it is with great honor that I recommend Dr. Colene Arnold at Inner Balance Pelvic Health & Wellness Center. From the moment I met her, I knew I had made the perfect choice. She listened and heard my story. It was clear that she was there to support me, I wasn't just another person. Instantly I felt some weight lift off my shoulders. Dr. Arnold opened my eyes and mind to target my pain through balancing my body naturally since hormone therapy didn't work for me. By adapting my diet, learning about xenoestrogens + phytoestrogens, relieving stress through yoga, acupuncture, and aromatherapy I started feeling whole again. With Dr. Arnold at your side the end of pelvic discomfort is within your reach.”
- S.B.

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Testimonial 4

“I am loving ThermiVa! I had moderate leakage and after my first session it nearly disappeared. I am 49 years young. It was not painful the room is also very warm and inviting. You can just sit back and relax no down time. Colene and Leslie are wonderful patient and caring. I also noticed after just my first session my orgasms are more intense and do not have to work for them! My husband felt such a difference as well. Sex is just incredible! I just had my second session and I could not be happier! As I told the ladies this is the best money I have ever spent on myself!”
-ThermiVa® Patient

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Testimonial 3

“I was living in Boston, MA (the healthcare mecca of the world) and I was receiving HORRIBLE care from my doctors . My friend sent me an ad about Inner Balance, I was desperate and in horrible pain, so I decided to move back to my hometown to give this place a shot. I've been seeing Leslie for PT and Dr. Arnold, and my pain from interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor dysfunction has decreased dramatically. All the staff who work here are very friendly and compassionate. I would highly recommend coming here!
PS: Cindy also gives the best massage I've had!”


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Testimonial 2

“I'm so excited for Dr. Colene Arnold as she and her partners embark on this new venture. I am even more excited though for the clients that will have the opportunity to meet and work with Colene. She is the embodiment of everything you could want in your doctor...passion, nurturing, and empathy are coupled with her superior knowledge in the gynecological field. She listens to you to understand how to best help you. Colene's passion goes beyond the ob/gyn spectrum as she also works tirelessly in the efforts to assist pregnant women with substance abuse problems to overcome their addictions and become successful in their recovery. I have much respect and admiration for Colene for the dedication she puts forth each and every day in helping women to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.”  


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Testimonial 1

“Leslie Parker is absolutely the best at her job.  If you are looking for a therapist whose knows what they are doing, she is the best with medical knowledge. She takes the time to be caring even while having a busy schedule. Very efficient office.  Leslie Parker is someone that you can talk to.  She took great pride to get me on to being well with my whole mind, soul and body. She and her team could not be any better in the healthcare field. Praise to them!”


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