What Our Patients Are Saying…

Leslie Parker is absolutely The best At her job.If you are looking for a therapist whose knows what they are doing she is the best with medical knowledge ..She takes the time to be caring even while having a busy schedule very efficient office, Leslie Parker is someone that you can talk to She is the first therapist I have ever had ,she took great pride to get me on to being well ,with my whole mind,soul and body .. She and her team could not be any better in healthcare field..praise to them !


April 17. 2018

WOW! I did research before choosing Dr. Arnold and this practice. I had my first appointment today and it was amazing. Yes, AMAZING! I mean, who leaves an appointment with their gynecologist and describes it as amazing? You will if you attend Inner Balance Pelvic Health and Wellness Center. I felt as though Dr. Arnold was so attentive to my history and my concerns. She was funny, and warm and was so helpful in explaining any and everything to me. Her exam was so fast and felt so non -invasive I had to confirm it was over. And they think of all the little things! They have SOCKS on their stirrups! When I asked about the socks Dr. Arnold replied "well, we would want them!" Just another testament to the fact that this business is more of a family than a business. Any concerns I had were examined and explained away to me in great detail and I left feeling not just healthy and happy but joyful that I found this family of women to join as I manage my health for all the rest of my days! 10/10 stars!


January 10, 2019

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