Nutritional Counseling


Maria Larkin, M.ED, RDN/LD
Functional Medicine Dietitian 

Many of our clients at Inner Balance Pelvic Health and Wellness Center suffer from some form of pelvic discomfort, bladder pain and bowel symptoms. We know that nothing can replace a comprehensive approach to identifying how the bowel or bladder may be impacting pelvic health. And that's why we have Maria on board -- to do just that. As a registered dietitian specializing in gastrointestinal (gut) health, she has successfully helped many of our clients at Inner Balance, many of whom come to her with previously failed attempts at identifying and eliminating the nutritional sources of their bladder pain and digestive ailments. Maria also specializes in Functional Medicine to get the to the root cause of not only gastrointestinal issues, but for weight management, adrenal health, hormone imbalance, ovarian disorders, heart concerns as well as other general medical nutritional therapies. 

Courtney Perrin Bellino, M.S., RDN/LD
Eating Disorders Dietitian 

Sometimes the patients who come to Inner Balance have eating concerns, which can play a role in their pelvic health and overall activities of daily living. And that's why we have Courtney on board. Courtney is passionate about helping patients recover from eating concerns, and she has devoted her career to developing best practice strategies for the treatment of patients with eating disorders of all ages. She utilizes the non-diet approach to best help resolve feelings of chaos and anxiety around eating and food. Eating concerns include, but are not limited to: binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, orthorexia, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, and more. 

You can make an appointment with Maria or Courtney by phone 603-671-3441 or by email at Learn more about Maria and Courtney at


Services Provided:

  • One-on-on nutrition counseling provided in individualized sessions which can be purchased as packages and programs

  • Classes and workshops for gut health and normalized eating 


  • Professional presentations and speaking engagements for your school, workplace or medical practice

  • Meal Planning with a colorful and customized e-book of recipes, shopping lists and nutrition information