Jenni Stevens

Yoga Teacher

Jenni started practicing yoga in 2010. Although she has practiced a variety of styles, vinyasa flow has always spoken to her.  She become a registered yoga teacher in 2017, graduating from Happy Love Yoga School in Vinyasa Flow.  She strives to share the joy she finds in her own practice with her students.  Outside of teaching yoga, Jenni is a licensed mental health counselor and is passionate about the mind-body connection.  In her classes you can expected to experience a deeper connection with the self, emotional and mental well-being. Jenni adds to the practice using breath work (pranayama), meditation, mindfulness and more.  Her goal is to cultivate a teaching atmosphere that is inclusive, safe, validating and compassionate.  She is excited and honored to hold space for anyone who is interested in practicing yoga, new and seasoned yogis alike.