Dr. Colene Arnold, OB/GYN


Dr. Colene Arnold  grew up in New England and completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology at the University of Connecticut. She later graduated from the Physician Associate Program at Yale University. She then spent the next 12 years in Oklahoma with the National Health Service Corp and the Indian Health Service working as a PA in the field of Primary Care. Dr. Arnold was drawn to Women’s Health and pregnancy, which led her to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for Medical School and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program which she graduated from in 2003.

She ultimately returned to New England and practiced with Garrison Women’s Health Center and Goodwin Community Health Center on the Seacoast of New Hampshire for 14 years.  In 2015, she recognized the need for comprehensive residential services for pregnant women with opiate addiction in New Hampshire and she successfully turned her historic 1853 Greek Revival Farmhouse located in Rochester, NH into a charitable non-profit organization called Hope on Haven Hill. The doors opened in December 2016, and eight pregnant or recently parenting women now call the residence their home as they work with a talented and compassionate team of mental health providers to regain control of their lives and become the moms that they hoped they could be.  

Dr. Arnold continues to live in Rochester, NH with her husband, two daughters, rescue dogs and cat. 


Why I Specialize in Pelvic Health & Wellness

Dr. Colene Arnold, OB/GYN

"This chance meeting with Leslie sparked a calling for me."


Soon after I returned to New Hampshire after Medical School/Residency, I met Physical Therapist, Leslie Parker, who was already a specialist in the field of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.  As a Gynecologist, I often encountered women with bladder disorders including urgency, frequency, and incontinence. Leslie confidently advised that if I referred patients to her, they would see positive results within a week. This was unheard of! Many women struggle for years, even decades, with this very problem - sadly keeping them from enjoying many facets of their lives. I committed to further research Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, hoping to now have something effective to offer my patients.  I started referring my patients to Leslie, and truly within a week, they saw significant improvement. 

This chance meeting with Leslie sparked a calling for me.  I knew from my experience as a resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and as a newly practicing Physician, that there are many women who suffer from chronic pelvic pain and bladder dysfunction, while a large number of women may also be silent about their pain and not getting the help they need. 

Sometimes it was because they had seen on average 8-10 providers since their pain began, and no one could determine what was causing their pain. Other women had been advised that the pain was "all in their head" and they just needed to relax. Some underwent surgeries, including hysterectomies, only to find that their pain persisted even after surgery. 

I purposely sought these women out, asking the right questions during my routine gynecologic physical exams. They started to open up about how long they had been in pain, about the multitudes of health care providers that they had visited to no avail. They spoke of relationships that were lost because they were no longer able to be sexually intimate with their partners, or how a tragedy such as rape, was the initial event that precipitated the chronic pain that they had been suffering from for so long. I began to see more and more of these types of referrals from the community within my practice.

Bringing us to now. I am overjoyed to have partnered with Leslie Parker, along with our professional team of highly skilled practitioners, to fully realize our vision of Inner Balance Pelvic Health & Wellness Center.

Taking the time to talk to you is the first step in working through the puzzle of the many etiologies of chronic pelvic pain.  As the co-owner of Inner Balance, I am able to devote the necessary time to discuss the sensitive issues that are entangled in the mystery of this disorder. It’s understandable why the average clinician avoids the topic of chronic pelvic pain with their patients. Training on this disorder is not provided in medical school or residency, and it’s poorly understood. In today’s world of seeing increasing amounts of patients in a day with less time to actually sit quietly and listen to patient's stories, so much is missed!  Frustration builds on the part of the provider and the patient. 

If you are suffering from a pelvic condition, know that I will take the time to listen to you and ask the important sensitive questions about your pain. I will take the time to fully review any medical records that are available in regards to past evaluations. I can perform a gentle, yet thorough, physical exam - only when you feel ready - as it sometimes can take several appointments before women feel comfortable for an exam that may have been uncomfortable is past experiences.